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Free Resources

Learning a language doesn't have to be expensive! You'll get awesome FREE resources for learning a languge.

Practical Tips

Have you always wanted to learn a language but struggle to find the time, motivation or BOTH? These tips make practicing convinient and fun!

Something For Everyone

Your author crafted this eBook with a variety of learning styles in mind. These resources and tips are as unique as the language learners who use them. 

Meet Your Author

Alex Wittman

Alex Wittman is the brunette backpacker behind the travel blog Backpacking Brunette. Despite studying Spanish in high school, she forgot all but a few words during four Bud Light-filled years at college. A move to Spain in 2014 reignited her desire to learn, but Alex struggled to find motivation. It wasn't until she discovered the resources in this book that her language skills took off. Today, Alex lives in Mexico where her Spanish allows her to enjoy a multitude of adventures.